With a myriad of options available, the difficult part in selecting worktops in natural stone is deciding which ones to pick. Granite worktops are a very popular choice among countertops and worktops. The appearance of a worktop takes most of the attention while things such as maintenance, durability and cost are other adjoining factors to […]

Kitchen worktops come in various forms, colours, textures and materials. People are concerned about environmental pollution more than ever leading to the popularity of natural materials. There is a clear inclination towards the use of natural and ‘green’ solid worktops for kitchen units. Solid and hard materials such as   1. Granite 2. Slate 3. […]

Granite is strong and will last for ages. Homeowners who choose to remodel or renovate their kitchen with granite will find that their countertops will last a lifetime. Being natural, they are timeless and ageless. It is a great investment that will not fade out of style.   Granite kitchen worktops are non-porous, easy to […]