Things You Didn’t Know About Granite Worktops

With a myriad of options available, the difficult part in selecting worktops in natural stone is deciding which ones to pick. Granite worktops are a very popular choice among countertops and worktops. The appearance of a worktop takes most of the attention while things such as maintenance, durability and cost are other adjoining factors to consider. While choosing a natural stone it is important to know that the colour of a stone is an indicator of its quality like in marble. However, it is not easy for a layman to judge the quality of a stone. Shopping from a list of reputed natural stone suppliers is recommended to get a good quality product.


For granite, appearance is not uniform. The patterns are the result of natural formation. Granite worktops offer beautiful styles but tailoring them to a specific design, may not be possible. Granite is a porous stone and so, needs to be sealed before they are used. Repeating the sealant every year will keep the worktops safe and stain-free. For everyday use, they are extremely durable with the ability to last for a lifetime and beyond with proper maintenance.


If you are thinking of installing granite tops in your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that you hire professionals to do the job. The stones are extremely heavy and hiring any neighbourhood handyman to save a few dollars may end up in a disaster. Search online for experienced fitters who are well-versed with the installation techniques. Remember, the sample you get to see may slightly differ from the stone that you receive. As granite occurs naturally, samples cannot be 100% identical to the stone you are ordering. Slight colour variance is a very natural with granite worktops.


By choosing a granite stone, you can give a fantastic look to your home.

Things You Didn’t Know About Granite Worktops


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