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We have an excellent selection of Ceramic Worktops available and ready to go in our warehouses. This hardwearing and durable material is extremely hygienic and hard wearing, giving you a perfect worktop for your home. Select a design now and get a free, instant online quotation today.

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Ceramic kitchen worktops, sometimes known as porcelain worktops or sinted stone worktops, have massively grown in popularity over the last 10 years. Due to the fact that they are engineered, there is no limit with colour or design options when it comes to this stone. Ceramic worktops provide a great look for a trendy, modern kitchen design as well as fitting in well with traditional kitchen designs.

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic is a strategic mix of ceramic, porcelain and other polymers and considered to be one of the strongest materials available on the market. The material is made from the same raw materials found in glass, porcelain and quartz but what really sets this stone apart is the way in which it is manufactured. A process called sinterized particle technology is used which subjects this stone to extreme heat and pressure, this process mimics what would take mother nature thousands of years to do in a matter of seconds providing an ultra-compact surface which has countless benefits.

To help you through your decision making process we have put together a handy guide with all the information that you need to know about Ceramic worktops.

Benefits of Ceramic Worktops

Benefits of Ceramic Worktops

All of our worktops are cut from premium grade slabs provided by brands we trust. Our Ceramic slabs come from Dekton, Neolith, Laminam and Quartek who we have very close brand relationships with. Their quality combined with our state of the art factory process including CNC technology and polishing means that the outcome will be a modern and sleek worktop design that will see you through for life.

Aside from providing an ultra on-trend look, Ceramic worktops actually have tonnes of benefits. Due to its non-porous properties, this stone is completely scratch, stain and heat resistant. Water simply slides off it making it easy to clean. The nature of this stone means that it also carries antibacterial properties as germs and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface.

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Kitchen Worktop?

How to Choose the Right Granite Kitchen Worktop?

With so many styles available to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have put together some short and snappy Q&As to help you all out on your worktop choosing journey.

1. Are you wanting to achieve a certain look in your kitchen?

Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Minimalistic and so much more! There are so many on-trend styles right now so a great idea would be to focus on which style you’re trying to achieve as the worktops really will be the icing on the cake when it comes to a kitchen design. Luckily we have a wide range of colours to suit all of these designs.

2. Do you want your Ceramic worktop to be an eye catcher or a little more subtle?

There are so many ways to achieve an eye catching look, perhaps go for a marble effect Ceramic worktop or even match the worktop to the cabinetry (this looks really good on an island centrepiece) If you’d rather a more subtle look perhaps go for a lighter material with a more muted tone.

3. Light or dark?

Again this is personal preference, one of the benefits of ceramic worktops, due to the fact they are engineered, it doesn’t matter if you go for a light or dark colour. They both are equally durable to scratching and staining, unlike lighter granites that are more likely to stain.

4. What Edge Should You Have On Your Ceramic Worktops?

With the most popular edge profiles being a chamfer or pencil round, these both compliment the Ceramic material nicely with its 20mm thick edges. Both edge profiles would look especially great on an industrial style kitchen as they provide a very sleek and modern look!

5. Most importantly, which colour Ceramic?

This really depends on your kitchen and the look you want to achieve. Our expert stonemasons are always on hand to offer advice on which colours will compliment your kitchen. We are also more than happy to send out actual samples of ceramic to help your decide on colour.

Different Types of Ceramic Worktops

Different Types of Ceramic Worktops

Can’t decide? Check out our handy walkthrough.

1. Industrial Ceramic Worktops

The Industrial kitchen is all about mixing of materials such as concrete and exposed brick as well as dark colours which often include black and grey. The details are important and often include metal and wood accents. The Ceramic worktops that suit the Industrial Style the most are Trilium and Kreta. The Trilium Dekton by Consentino provides an ultra-industrial look with the mixture of grey and black tones and the Kreta Dekton by Consentino gives that concrete inspired appearance.

2. Marble Effect Ceramic Worktops

A Marble Effect Dekton worktop adds a real eye catching feature to any kitchen design. Whether you want to go light or dark we have both options to choose from! For the subtle marble lovers our Kelya Dekton by Consentino would look great with its thin veining design on a dark background, our Opera Dekton by Consentino is not too much yet not too little with its swooping grey veining! For a more bold marble appearance why not try our Laurent, Entzo or Aura15 Dekton by Consentino designs?

3. Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Worktops

The 20mm thickness on these worktops means that the Mid-Century Modern look is an ideal style kitchen for Ceramic to feature in! The Mid-Century Modern look combines clean looks with pops of colour! Try our Kelya and Opera Ceramic worktops to achieve this look.

Why Buy Ceramic Worktops Direct?

Why Buy Ceramic Worktops Direct?

Here at Marble4life when you deal with us, we make sure that it is us the whole way through the process! This means that from the quote to the templating, manufacture and fitting it will be one of our members of staff!

We pride ourselves in having a quick turnaround time of 10-12 working days from template to fit meaning that your new worktops will not be something that you have to wait for! Our team of professional stonemasons are on hand to answer all of your queries at your appointments.

Our 10 year warranty means that you can have complete piece of mind when choosing Marble4life as well as a quality product that will last you a lifetime

Professionally Installed Ceramic Worktops

Professionally Installed Ceramic Worktops

There is no doubt that when you want work done, you want it done right! Here at Marble4life our team of highly skilled stonemasons use state of the art technology from the templating to the fitting and all of the bits in between! We use the Prodim Proliner for millimetre perfect measurements and CNC technology to effortlessly manufacture your worktops.

Ceramic Worktop Colours

Want to see some other ceramic worktop colours? At Marble4Life, we offer many different colours and styles of kitchen worktops. Have a look at our white, black and grey ceramic kitchen worktop ranges. If you like our ceramic worktops, you might also like our granite worktops and quartz worktops

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