Frequently Asked Questions

What is so good about granite worktops?

As a natural stone product Granite worktops can give your kitchen a very unique and stand out style. Each piece of granite is individually carved into a worktop so you will never get two identical worktops due to the patterns running through the granite. In addition to the beauty of granite they are also very hardwearing.

What is Quartz?

Many people want the beauty of marble in their kitchens but we tend not to recommend them as they don’t have a high level of resistance to activities and items that are often found in the kitchen. Quartz is a manmade product that allows for the beauty of marble in a kitchen, but is more resistant. It consists of 93% quartz and 7% resin, which is mixed to give it a smooth and shiny appearance. There are additives included to give it a certain colour and pattern. It is stain resistant, very durable and non-porous.

What finishes are available?

There are different finishes available to any of our products but the most common and the one we recommend would be a highly polished finish. This allows for a longer time frame on the seal of the product and more resistance to normal day-to-day activities that will occur on the kitchen worktop.

Where are your worktops manufactured?

In our state of the art bespoke manufacturing facility. Here we use the latest Computer Numerical Controlled machinery to ensure our products are perfect before our expert team can deliver and install them for you.

How quickly will you supply my granite worktop?

Once template we aim to have your granite worktop installed within five to seven days. Once the installer has fitted the worktops they will check you are happy with the finish before signing anything off.

What is the usual path to obtaining granite worktops?

The usual path is making your finish choices, from simple aspects such as if you want a granite worktop or a quartz worktop through to how many cut outs you will need, if you require polished or unpolished cut-outs etc and if you require optional extras like splashbacks or drainer grooves.

From there you can enter the details into our instant quotation page and even receive a sample of your chosen material. You can then get in touch with us to discuss moving forward and arrange a template. Once we have done that and machined the quartz or granite worktop for you, we will arrange a time for fitting.

Can you supply granite & quartz worktops in L, U, S or other complex shapes?

Due to our precision based computer numerical controlled machinery we can provide granite and quartz worktops in almost any shape and size.

What is the longest length of granite you do?

As general rule quartz worktops come 3m in length and at a height of around 1.4m. Granite worktops usually come in around 3m x 1.9m but the sizes can sometimes be smaller or larger depending on availability. Both materials come with a thickness of 30mm for kitchen worktops and 20mm for splashbacks and upstands.

Do you have a brochure?

We don’t, however you can however look at our showroom via the website and samples of the material you wish to use can be sent out to you for free, allowing you to see the real thing before you buy, rather than a picture in a brochure.

Is this material totally natural?

Granite worktops are completely natural, they are cut from blocks of granite that are mined and sent to our factory, which also means that you will never get two pieces of granite the same as one another. Quartz however is a man-made material, made from majority natural materials, but with other properties entwined.

Do you have a showroom?

We have a showroom located within the factory, which you can also access digitally on our site.

Templating & Installation Questions

What do I need to do before templating?

You need to ensure that your kitchen carcasses, the units, are fitted and rigid in their correct location. Once the template has been done if the carcasses are moved there will have to be another template made. Sinks, hobs, taps or any other fittings be onsite and their final position known.

Will I need to be there on the day of templating and fitting?

We always recommend you are onsite to confirm cut out position, overhang, joint and any preferences. You, or someone acting on your behalf, must be present at the end of the job in order to give our installer the go ahead to sign off on the project.

What should I do before Installation?

All carcasses must be finished and fastened to the wall. They should all be level and any bits that need finishing should be done, such as end panels. Sinks, hobs, taps or any other fittings be onsite and their final position known

Can I fit the Granite myself?

We like to ensure the high quality of our products goes further by ensuring the delivery and installation runs smoothly and you get the kitchen of your dreams. Therefore we do not recommend self-installation, however someone with experience and capabilities in the industry may be able to fit the products themselves. Please do bear in mind though that it will be a two, or three, person job and there is a deal of ‘know how’ needed to complete it to the right standard.

Can I template the worktop myself?

Again we like to take care of all aspects of fitting granite worktops in your home so that we can ensure all aspects of the job are done correctly. If you wish to template and fit your own granite or quartz worktops please get in touch to discuss this.

Do you use subcontractors?

No. We use our own, experienced stone masons, templaters and fitters so we can ensure the level of quality is what we would expect ourselves.

How is the stone fixed to the worktop?

Our fitters use silicone and resin to attach the worktop. The weight of the stone keeps it from moving once in place.

How long after templating will you be able to fit my granite?

We fit granite and quartz worktops within five days of templating.

Do my units need any extra strengthening?

Standalone units like islands, or breakfast bars may need additional strengthening but in more cases if the unit is securely fixed to the wall this should be strong enough.

Will I need to seal my granite worktop?

We will seal your granite worktop before we fit it and again following installation. Quartz worktops do not need any sealing.

If I want to replace my existing worktops will they have to be removed before templating?

We tend to measure around existing worktops, however they will need to be removed before our installers come to fit your new granite or quartz worktops.

Can I tile the walls before the granite if fitted?

No we recommend tile after worktops have been installed

Pricing & Quotation Questions

If I am happy with the quote what is the next procedure?

If you have used our instant quote service and are happy then please call or email us to go ahead with your order. We will then arrange a time for templating and installation.

Why are the granites different prices?

The granites are all sourced from different parts of the world and some are not readily available as others therefore the pricing reflects this.

Are your prices reasonable?

Our prices reflect our service and we hope they are reasonable for you. We strive to look after our customers and install top quality granite and quartz into their homes. We can supply to trade and direct to the end user so you can cut out the middleman and probably save money that way.

Does the quote given include vat?

All our quotations include vat unless specified separately.

How and when do I pay?

We take an initial 10% deposit on order , a further 25% deposit before manufacturing the worktops and final balance on conformation of fit date.

Aftercare Questions

Can I put hot pans onto the granite worktop?

While we say that granite worktops are very durable and hardwearing it is naturally a cool surface so if something extremely hot is placed it can suffer from thermal shock. Therefore we recommend that you do use pan stands and chopping boards. You can choose to have pan stands built in to your granite worktop with our range of bespoke options. Quartz worktops can be damaged when too much heat is applied so we definitely suggest getting pan stands or having a built in pan stand with this material.

Can I scratch my granite or quartz worktops?

Granite and quartz are both very hard materials but can be scratched in some instances so it is best to avoid the use of sharp objects on them.

Can I chip my granite or quartz worktops?

The edges of a granite and quartz worktops can be chipped on occasion. We usually have a champher around the edge of a granite worktop big enough to avoid most knocks but it is not impossible to chip.

Can chips in a granite worktop be repaired?

Chips in most surfaces can be repaired. Contact us if you have any issues with your existing granite worktop.

Does granite stain?

Lighter coloured granite worktops can stain slightly, as can quartz worktops. It is recommended that you avoid strong detergents and acids on both materials.

How do I clean my granite and quartz worktops?

It is best to use mild soap when cleaning granite and quartz worktops, you can also get dedicated granite and quartz worktop cleaning solutions that use safe chemicals to clean the surface.

What about lime scale?

Limescale is always going to be a potential problem in kitchen. Always clean and wipe the area surrounding the tap and the sink and you should be fine. If needed you can use limescale remover always test this on a small hidden area to ensure it does not damage the surface.