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Choose from a variety of granite worktop styles, see our granite worktop costs and prices per square metre and get a free online quotation today. Because of its heat resistance and simplicity of cleaning, granite makes a great kitchen surface. Please contact us today to talk with a member of our sales team about any of our granite products.

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Granite is a hard wearing stone that is extremely popular for its organic good looks, robust qualities and by using granite you will have worktops in your home that will last a lifetime. In fact your granite worktops could well last longer than the house.

At Marble 4 Life we take pride in supplying and fitting only the very best quality granite worktops. We hold all our granite in stock, and cut your worktops from huge, single stone slabs. Granite has natural variations within the stone due to how it was formed billions of years ago, and this adds to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of it.

Granite is beautiful to live with and makes your life easier. In the kitchen you can roll pastry and work bread dough on it without needing a board, as it is very durable and hardwearing. It stays cool and collected under pressure, is easy to wipe down, keep clean and simple to maintain every day.

Everything You Need to Know About Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are a staple in any modern kitchen. Being available in a range of different styles, colours & patterns. Granite kitchen worktops are superior to laminate or wooden kitchen worktops due to their density, intricacy and the flawless finishes attainable through cutting and polishing.

We have included as much information as we can about granite worktops to help educate you in making the right choice for your kitchen. Keep on reading to understand the benefits, selection process and quality of our granite worktops.

Benefits of Granite Worktops

Benefits of Granite Worktops

Apart from looking great in your kitchen, granite worktops actually have a huge list of practical benefits compared to standard wood or laminate counter tops. As granite is naturally formed in the ground, it is an extremely strong material meaning that your worktops will be durable, easy to clean and increase the value of your home, just to name a few.

Granite’s excellent durability means that it is resistant to pressure, heat and wear and tear, all of which are perfect for a kitchen. Common kitchen activities like chopping food on the surfaces and placing hot pans on your counters can be done with no visible damage. However, we would advise not doing any of these things to look after your granite worktops.

Due to the way that granite is formed and polished before being fitted, it is very hygienic and easy to clean. A surface cleaner is applied during the manufacturing process to protect from all kinds of germs and bacteria.

An unusual benefit of granite worktops is the additional value that they add to your home. Because granite is a solid material, it is likely to last a very long time compared to wooden and laminate counter tops. Granite worktops are a great investment to your home and will never lose value once they have been fitted in your kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Granite Kitchen Worktop?

How to Choose the Right Granite Kitchen Worktop?

If you are looking to make an investment in your home, granite worktops are perfect for you. The only thing you have to do is choose the best suited colour for your kitchen and taste.

Granite comes in all kinds of shapes, colours and patterns which can make the decision a little bit difficult without even considering any other factors like popular trends, the shape of your kitchen and theme within your home.

At Marble 4 Life, we understand that choosing the right worktops is a big decision so, we aim to help and support you in your search. Read our frequently asked questions below to get a better understanding of granite worktops.

1. What Style is Your Kitchen / What Style Would you Like your Kitchen to be?

Different granite worktops work better in different kitchens, for example if you have a contemporary kitchen with lots of clean straight lines and no handles, then a modern plain coloured granite will work the best and can look great in any contemporary kitchen.

However, if you have something like a shaker or an in framed kitchen then a textured granite with patterns will look great in any traditional kitchen.

2. Are You Looking for a Statement Piece or Something More Subtle?

This really depends on personal preference and how you want your kitchen to look. If you want your granite worktops to make a statement and stand out, you could choose coloured granite to create lots of contrast in your kitchen and make a great focal point.

If colour is not your thing and you are searching for a more subtle, sleek look in your kitchen then any granite that matches the colour of your kitchen units will look great.

3. Light or Dark Granite Worktops?

Light granite worktops will reflect the light back into the room and create a light and airy feel in the room whereas, dark granite does not but, if your kitchen is well lit and has great natural lighting, dark coloured granite looks just as good.

4. Granite Upstands and Sills

Upstands are a good option to finish off your kitchen without having to tile the walls. Most customers that opt for upstands prefer to paint the walls. Upstands can be a great cost saving option compared to tiling the walls. Window sills really do complement the rest of your granite worktops and will not need replacing overtime like traditional wooden sills that can be damaged by water in your kitchen or need painting in the future.

5. What Edge Should you Have on Your Granite Worktops?

There are many edge profiles to choose from, the most popular option is the standard chamfer, with it’s clean straight lines. Other options include pencil round, which is the top and bottom edge of the granite slightly rounded off. Additional options are half bullnose, full bullnose and ogee, but these options can be expensive and make your worktops look very traditional and dated.

6. Which Colour Should I Choose?

Colour is by far the most daunting part of choosing granite worktops, especially when there are so many colours and patterns available. Choosing a colour really does depend on many factors like colour of your kitchen, design, style and the interior.

Our stone masons are always on hand to help you decide on colour. Due to the fact we keep all our granite in stock and we have the largest stock holding of granite in the country, means you do not have to decide on the final colour till we start cutting your worktops. So when our stone mason visits to make exact replicate templates of your worktops, they can help you decide on colour whilst being in your kitchen.

Making sure that you have chosen the right granite worktop is vital, be sure to use samples and expert opinion to assist you in your decision.

Different Types of Granite Worktops

Different Types of Granite Worktops

Like choosing paint for your walls or carpets for your floors, granite worktops are available in a whole range of patterns, colours, finishes and textures. The variations are created naturally through the different mixtures of minerals and elements used to form the granite billions of years ago, hence why we generally have shades of blacks, greys, whites, browns, blues etc.

1. Black Granite Worktops

Black granite worktops are very popular for clean, simplistic and statement looks. Black granite doesn’t just come in a solid black colour though, there are many different styles and textures of black granite worktops available.

2. White Granite Worktops

Similar to the black granite worktops range, our white granite is also an extremely popular choice for those looking for the lighter and cleaner look. These popular choices help retain the light in your home and are a good option if you prefer a less statement look but wanting to make your kitchen feel much bigger.

3. Polished Granite Worktops

Polished granite worktops are the perfect finish to any style of kitchen, whether it’s rustic, contemporary, traditional or modern.

Due to granite being a porous material, when having worktops fitted, it is important that it is polished to a high standard and sealed, this prevents any unwanted saturation and storage of dirt, water and germs within. Additionally, granite worktops are best preserved when polished as this helps retain the perfect granite – ideal for your home, and also for re-sale value when the time comes. An added bonus is that a well maintained granite gives an excellent shine and reflection allowing the stunning natural material to showcase its patterns.

4. Cheap Granite Worktops

Making your kitchen look glamorous doesn’t need to be an expensive process. All our granite worktops are stylish but cheap and affordable worktops, with a premium and plush finish. Our cheap granite worktops deliver the same high quality and finish as many of our high end products. Our site offers the highest quality at the lowest prices. Buying direct from our showroom avoids any third party costs and potential communication issues. We store all our granite in our warehouse and it’s cut to demand, making our process faster and cheaper, giving you the perfect granite worktop, cheap and high quality.

Why Buy Granite Worktops Direct?

Why Buy Granite Worktops Direct?

There are hundreds of places that sell granite worktops these days. From kitchen companies to second hand to unnecessary middle men acquiring their granite directly from suppliers. We always recommend buying your worktops directly from a supplier to avoid any complications that can arise with middlemen and their chain of sales.

Another disadvantage to buying kitchen worktops through kitchen companies and specialists is that the price will be inflated in order to make money on the worktops. The kitchen company will act as a middleman and will purchase your granite worktops from another supplier. Most of the time, they won’t even tell you which supplier they use so, a random company will turn up at your door with your granite kitchen worktops. This is unprofessional and can easily be avoided by buying your granite directly from a supplier like ourselves.

Buying direct from the manufacturer, the main benefit asides from all the positives that granite provides, is you are provided with a warranty so you have complete peace of mind. Additionally, there are no middle man commissions involved, the price you are given is normally a trade price – the granite is cut with precision from raw granite slabs, prepared and delivered / fitted in your home.

Professionally Installed Granite Worktops

Professionally Installed Granite Worktops

The biggest benefit of them all when looking to buy granite worktops directly, is that you have a fully tailored and bespoke worktop cut, manufactured and polished to your specifications which has been templated by highly skilled stonemasons and granite technicians. The same stonemason will then be at hand to fully fit your brand new granite worktop into your kitchen, making sure that it fits as per your specification and is polished to a high quality.

Marble 4 Life strives off a strong reputation of happy customers and word of mouth. We do our upmost to ensure that every customer provided with a fitted granite worktop feels informed, satisfied and pleased with the finish.

Granite Worktop Colours

Want to see some other granite worktop colours? At Marble4Life, we offer many different colours and styles of kitchen worktops. Have a look at our white, black and grey granite kitchen worktop ranges. If you like our granite worktops, you might also like our ceramic worktops and quartz worktops

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