Taking Care of Granite Worktops: Do’s and Dont’s

Granite is strong and will last for ages. Homeowners who choose to remodel or renovate their kitchen with granite will find that their countertops will last a lifetime. Being natural, they are timeless and ageless. It is a great investment that will not fade out of style.


Granite kitchen worktops are non-porous, easy to clean, scratch resistant and non conducive to bacterial growth. Hence, a homeowner’s best friend.


Now, what should you do and what you should avoid while taking care of granite kitchen worktops.



  • Clean up as soon as possible to avoid seepage. Even foods with high acid content cannot damage the granite surface because it is so strong, but it may be able to stain the counter top.


  • Cleaning and maintaining your granite worktop is very simple. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers on the surface. Try to clean the surface using a soap solution or specific cleaning formula.



  • Do not use regular cleaning agents to clean your granite worktop. Cleaning formulas that are specifically designed for granite should only be used. Repeated use of harsh chemicals can make your granite dull.


  • Do not let any liquid stay on the surface for a long period of time. Many people store toiletries in their bathroom granite countertops. Spilling alcohol or acidic components over and over again on the surface may reduce the lifespan of granite countertops.


These are simple things to remember with the capability of keeping your granite worktops as beautiful as new always.

Taking Care of Granite Worktops: Do’s and Dont’s


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