10 Reasons to Use Granite in Your Bath

Granite adds value and beauty. It is a great investment for your home. Granite is a natural resource mined like diamonds, but in a different way. Here are 10 reasons why you should install granite worktops in your bath and kitchen.


1. Granite is hard to scratch from regular use because it is as hard as diamond.


2. Most granite is sealed at the time of fabrication. This makes it non porous and does not allow liquids to penetrate the surface.


3. Granite is easy to clean and maintain.


4. Granite does not stain when it is sealed and can tolerate heat up to 572 degrees.


5. Granite comes from Brazil, China and other faraway places.


6. Granite comes in a variety of colours and patterns.


7. The cost of granite slabs will vary with regard to its natural colour characteristics.


8. Granite is hard, non-porous, scratch resistant and stains proof.


9. Granite cost less than marble to install.


10. Granite adds resale value to your home.


The granite you purchased for your home will give many years of beautiful service. Depending on the type of worktops you choose for your home, it is recommended to speak to your granite worktops suppliers for specific instructions as to how to best care for their products.

10 Reasons to Use Granite in Your Bath


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