Why Granite Still Rules The Worktop Market?

Because it is worth every penny you put in! Granite apart from being the natural stone with high heat, stain and water resistant properties also provides aesthetically appealing looks and sleek shiny surfaces. From being used as floorings and in bars and restaurants, granite has travelled a long way in reaching the kitchen of the common households.

Whether you have a black granite worktop installed in your kitchen or a light coloured one fitted in the bathroom, granite stone offers extensive durability to its surroundings. Once considered a posh amenity, professional suppliers of granite worktops have done immense hard work in making it affordable for the general public of the United Kingdom. Now most of the houses in UK boast of granite kitchen worktops in various colours and patterns.

This has been made possible because of the emerging science and technology which made stone processing a cheaper activity than what it was in the past.

Here in Marble4Life, we also combine the technical skill of our expert stonemasons with the cutting edge technology available in the market for providing high quality material and service to our loyal customer base. One of the sole reasons for a majority of people preferring granite over other worktop materials is the wide variety of options available in granites in terms of colour and stone texture.

To make it easier for customers to make a choice, we provide instant price quotations along with free samples of our stones on request. Talk to our expert stonemasons on 01274 377 600 or write us an email at info@marble4life.co.uk.

Why Granite Still Rules The Worktop Market?


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