Where to buy high quality granite worktops?

What exactly is granite?

Granite provides your countertop a one-of-a-kind look; it comes in a range of colours, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen. Its popularity has grown as a result of its durability and natural appearance. Granite countertops are highly resilient and allow you to knead dough or roll pastry right on top of them. In addition, they make cleaning a breeze for the user. Along with the fact granite is heat resistant; it’s the perfect new addition for your kitchen!

What is the best way to get granite countertops for your home?

Granite, as previously said, is a naturally occurring stone. It is carefully retrieved using carefully timed explosives to ensure that it is not broken in the process. It is then shipped overseas to be made into granite slabs. The granite is then chopped into slabs and polished – ready for our arrival. Following this, The Granite Guild has these in stock ready to cut and fit them to your specifications. To preserve a uniform colour and thickness, we cut the granite precisely to size from big slabs.

Marble4Life Can Help You!

With over 30 years’ experience in working within the granite industry Marble4Life is the UK’s largest supplier of quartz and granite worktops. Specialising in supplying both domestic and commercial clients with countertops for their kitchens, restaurants and bars, the company can deliver any of their countertops from their factory straight to your door. The quartz and granite worktops supplied by Marble4Life are known for their quality finish, achieved by a combination of millions of pounds of the latest precision machinery and expert team.

We produce over 100 granite worktops every week for clients up and down the country and are proud to say we have now installed a workshop in every UK postal area. In addition to local workshops we have a large onsite stock holding service and this, alongside our state of the art machinery, allows us to install kitchen, bar and restaurant worktops within 5 days of templating.

We are also currently offering 10% off all orders. See our granite worktop range or get a free, no-obligation instant quote today using our website and a member of our expert team will get back to you ASAP.

Want to know more about buying granite worktops?

Check out our full granite range here, contact us or go straight to getting an instant quote if you’re ready!

Where to buy high quality granite worktops?


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