Using Theory Of Colours For Kitchen Worktops

Whether you choose granite or quartz worktop for your kitchen, the colour of the stone is a critical factor in the overall design. With 100+ colours and patterns available in the granite portfolio alone, you can imagine how difficult it can be for the first time shoppers. Depending on whether you are only replacing your kitchen worktop or revamping the whole space, there are various ways of choosing worktop colours.

You can take help from colour design theories for deciding the right colour of your kitchen or bathroom worktops. Read on to know more.

•    Complementary theory- Complementary colours, simply put are two opposing shades that look good together. You can try out using Kashmir white with Starry night (black) to get a complementary theme in your kitchen.
•    Analogous theory- Analogous theme is when you decide 2 or more colours that look alike for example beige with light brown or off white with grey. Analogous scheme would help you bring a classical balance in the overall colour scheme.
•    Monochromatic theory- This involves selecting a single colour and using various shades in that to get a more comforting, consistent look.

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Using Theory Of Colours For Kitchen Worktops


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