Understanding The Various Granite Grades

You might have seen granite slabs with different price tags on them and wondered if it was because of the quality of the granite stone or the rare colours and patterns some blocks have. Granite, being a natural stone has almost consistent strength and quality throughout and the price differences present in the market are mostly reflect the difference in demands for certain colours, rare patterns and symmetry in vein designs.

Granite is generally classified in 3 grades:

1. First Grade– This is the premium quality granite with practically no visible imperfections. These granite slabs have either distinct, symmetrical designs on their surface or have rare colours which increase their market demand and value.

2. Commercial Grade– This type of granite has pretty obvious defects in the form of veins, inconsistent blotches or clouds on the surface or slight cracks. The processing of commercial grade granite is done by experienced stonemasons with superior skill sets. Although the polish on commercial granite is not as glossy as the first grade granite, they also come cheaper.

3. Second Grade– It is the cheapest form of granite in the market but that doesn’t mean it is less durable or, has lesser strength than first grade or commercial quality granite. Since the natural imperfections are more common in these, it takes the manufacturers or worktop suppliers more time to fabricate or process them.

Now that you have a basic knowledge about the various grades of granite and what factors make a difference in their price ranges, you can save some cash while shopping. Marble4life has a renowned collection of premium quality granite and quartz worktops along with a team of talented stonemasons which makes them a leading and reputed worktop supplier in the United Kingdom.

Understanding The Various Granite Grades


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