Understanding The Various Edge Options For Granite Worktops!

After having decided the colour and texture of the granite worktop, the next thing you need to focus on is the installation of the stone. Whether you decide to have a glossy black granite worktop or one of the light coloured quartz worktops, the edges of the countertop make a critical part of the workstation. This requires intensive skills and labour on the part of stonemasons to make the perfect edge, compatible to the stone and suitable with its surroundings. Here is a quick list to get you enlightened on the various edges Marble4Life has to offer:

1.Square Chamfer- A simple and classy style. Works well in kitchens and bar tops offering a smooth finish.


2.Pencil Round- This is the smoothed out form of the Square Chamfer, with a little curve on the edges.


3.Half Bullnose- This comes with a rounded or semi circular arc on the upper edge of the stone to give off a clean finish.


4.Full Bullnose- Both the edges are rounded and polished off in an elegant fully-rounded edge, giving a classic look to the countertop.


5.Ogee- This ‘S’ shaped edge gives off a stylish bend to the regular bullnose. This is mostly seen in living rooms and restaurants.

6.    20+20 Square Chamfer- This is a slightly different version of the Square Chamfer with a wider edge up front to give off the appearance of a thicker worktop. Looks simple yet chic in all surroundings especially as kitchen worktops.


7.20+20 V Groove- Similar to the 20+20 Square Chamfer, this has a separate lower layer, appearing like a second layer of stone.
8.Mitred Edge-A slightly larger front edge for covering the undersides of the worktop. Gives off a wholesome, untainted look to the kitchen and bathroom counters.

For further queries or expert advice on choosing the right edge, call 01274377600.

Understanding The Various Edge Options For Granite Worktops!


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