Tips for Kitchen Makeover

If you are designing a new kitchen for your home, then you have the advantage of noting down of all the design flaws in your existing kitchen and solve them in your kitchen interiors. Functionality is at the core of the design concept when it comes to kitchen area. There’s a lot to do in the work triangle including the cooking areas, cleaning areas and storage areas. Worktops are among the most important elements of a kitchen. People adore granite worktops for its wide design and colour options.


Granite is top choice for modern kitchens because of its durability, style and attractive appearance. It offers the largest visual effect in the kitchen. Choose the right worktops to complement the cabinets, the wall tiles and the flooring. At Marble4life, we offer granite tops in shades of grey, white, brown, black, gold and blue. Each work surface achieves superior finish and shine in our advanced facility. We are one of the reputed granite worktops suppliers in the UK.


With the right kind of lighting on the ceiling, on top of the counter tops and under the cabinets you can create a soothing atmosphere in the kitchen. Give room for plenty of natural lights to enter your kitchen by installing larger windows and replacing the walls with glass panels. Even a simplest error can impair effort as well as investment.


The challenge is often giving a coherent look in the kitchen. However, with the right kind of materials and a professional team by your side, you can have a stylish and contemporary kitchen.

Tips for Kitchen Makeover


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