Things To Look Out For After Granite Worktop Installation

You have built your dream kitchen and got the perfect shade of worktop installed matching the shades of the walls and cabinets. Although the granite worktops were a little expensive, you considered their long durability and didn’t once hesitate spending the money.


However, while granite and quartz worktops are highly durable and offer strong stain and scratch resistant properties, one should still keep a few things in mind while working around them to prevent the damages incurred due to faulty maintenance. As much as possible, try to avoid


  • Placing hot pans and pots on the surface as this can gradually cause the polish of the granite to fade. Also, certain granite stones discolour, either temporarily or permanently due to prolonged exposures to heat.
  • Chopping directly on the counter as this might scratch the surface. Although, granite is described as scratch resistant, the glossy surface might get scraped or chipped on direct contact with sharp objects like the blade of the chopper. Also, it would be wise to polish worktops after every 2-3 years to maintain their lustrous shine and cover up slight scratches.
  • Spilling strong acidic or basic materials like wine, household chemicals, vinegar etc as these might cause discolouration of the stone and may leave ugly stains on the surface. Wipe off any spills immediately to prevent the materials from soaking in the stone.

Also it would be wise to avoid choosing lighter shades if you have smaller kids around instead of constantly scolding the children for making a mess in your beautiful kitchen. You can go for the classic black granite worktops as an alternative!


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Things To Look Out For After Granite Worktop Installation


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