Templating Granite Worktops

This is the most important and critical aspect to having perfectly installed granite worktops.  Therefore you always have to ensure that the company you are using for your granite worktops are going to come onsite to template. Templating involves producing exact millimetre replicas of your granite worktops using plastic sheets called correx. Some companies also use a laser machine to template your worktops, which speeds up the process of templating. However a laser templating will never be as accurate as producing physical templates of your worktops. As walls are never straight and laser only work in straight lines so it is always more accurate for this reason to produce physical templates.  Also when our stone masons produce physical templates of your worktops this allows you to check overhangs and see where the joints will fall.

When our stonemasons come to template your granite worktops they will normally spend two to three hours with you producing the plastic replicas. At this stage they will discuss your requirements and preference in detail to ensure your worktops

Templating Granite Worktops


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