Recycled Glass Countertops vs. Granite Worktops

Although Markets today are bulging with recycled glass worktops as an environmentally sustainable alternative to granite or quartz countertops; nothing can surpass the royal look of classy kitchen granite worktops installed. The highly polished surface imparts an elegant and luxurious touch to any place be it your kitchenette, bar or restaurant.


Glass countertops run the risk of chipping or fracturing which can be dangerous in a family with small children around. However, granite can stand the test of time with its scratch and heat resistance properties.  It is also durable to wear and tear so you won’t have to worry about changing your worktop any time soon. Further, granite being a natural stone comes in myriad hues and textures for you to choose from.


Granite scores high in the durability as well as in the sumptuous appearance departments. It truly is the ultimate mark of luxury! Unique in their texture, you are sure to have matchless and exclusive designs in your kitchen.


There are many companies which offer free samples before installation. Don’t shy away from asking for them. Get a variety of quotations and reflect on your kitchen layout and designs for your worktops since it is a long term investment. Seek professional help if you are confused. Choose a firm, like marble4life, that has considerable experience in the field of worktop templating and installation services.


Conclusively, although glass countertops are cheaper and provide environmental safety, kitchen granite worktops prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. And that is why; it is still the most popular and preferred option for the wiser crowd.

Recycled Glass Countertops vs. Granite Worktops


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