Iconic Calacatta Quartz Slab

Iconic Calacatta Quartz Worktops

Michelangelo once said that stones have souls and that each stone reveals a piece of art that he may unearth with his hands. One such composition is the Iconic Calacatta Quartz Worktop, which exudes ageless beauty in any kitchen or utility area.

This beautiful quartz worktop is both long-lasting and sumptuous. It has an exquisite white surface and a distinctive vein pattern that runs over the worktop in countless beautiful ways. It is a new addition to our quartz line.

Because our Marble4Life Quartz Worktops are non-porous, they can withstand frequent and rigorous use. Quartz is resistant to staining and can withstand scratches, scorches, and cuts. The Iconic Calacatta Quartz Worktop is perfectly practical and sophisticated.

Please note product images and videos are intended to be indicative only as materials are subject to colour and pattern variations.

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