Quartz Worktops Aftercare

Quartz worktops are the most durable worktops money can buy. Due to the fact that they have been engineered to be heat proof, scratch resistant and stain proof. However quartz worktops are not indestructible, so care should still be taken.


As long as your worktops are manufactured from genuine quartz slabs using Breton Spa machinery they will give you many years of use. Breton Spa are the company who invented quartz and hold the patent for quartz, they then sold this machinery to the major quartz manufacturers such as Compac, Silestone, Caesarstone and Cimstone. However some companies in recent years have started importing imitation quartz from China and Korea, which will discolour and fade overtime. Therefore ensure your worktops are only cut from genuine Breton Spa quartz.


Even though your quartz worktops are heat resistant, I would not recommend putting a scotching hot pan on the surface. Due to the fact your quartz worktops are 3 to 7 % resin, so a hot pan can scorch the resin leaving burn marks. Therefore I would always recommend using a trivet or tripod to place any hot pans on your worktops. We can also manufacture pan stands into your quartz worktops, which not only look good but allow you to place any hot pans onto it. Your quartz worktops are also engineered to be stain resistant as they are virtually non-porous, but you should immediately clean up any strong chemicals.


Your quartz worktops are engineered to be scratch resistant, but I would not recommend cutting directly on the surface of your quartz worktops as you can scratch the surface. Also this will more than likely make your knives blunt, so you should always use a chopping board.


Finally you quartz worktops are extremely hard therefore they will not chip or crack under normal circumstances. However if excessive force is used on the edge of the quartz worktops this may cause it to chip.


Quartz Worktops Aftercare


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