Learn all about granite joint seams!

If you already have a granite worktop installed in your kitchen, the chances that it is made by joining two or more blocks of granite are highly likely. Although having a single slab of stone for countertops is very beneficial, it is not a feasible option for all because of the high rates attached to it. Seams are also inevitable when you try to incorporate a design into the worktop. Since they are so common (and necessary sometimes) let us try and know some basic facts about these ridges:


1. Marble4life is known for its exceptional quality of products and craftsmanship, but even we cannot guarantee you completely invisible seams because that is next to impossible. Seams can be made inconspicuous with the help of suitable resins, but all said and done, you would still be able to see AND feel them.


2.The degree of visibility of the seams largely depends on the colour, texture or the pattern of the granite stone itself. It is relatively easy to hide a joint in black granite worktops than a lighter coloured one. Similarly stones with multiple patterns work well to camouflage the sealing closure than plain slabs.
3.The location of the seam also plays a deciding factor as to whether it will be directly visible or not. But this requires professional skill and expertise as the location of the seam also determines the strength of the joint and thus the durability of the entire worktop.
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Learn all about granite joint seams!


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