Kashmir White Granite Worktops

For many years Kashmir White also known as Cashmere White granite worktops have been very popular. The natural beauty of Kashmir White with its creamy off white background, grey and black veining has made it a very popular choice. Also the fact that no two batches of Kashmir White will ever be the same adds to the uniqueness that this colour will bring to your kitchen. However in the last year or so Kashmir White has become a very rare material as the mining of this material in India has ceased. The Indian government has closed all the quarries of Kashmir White in India, due to the illegal mining of the material. As Kashmir White only comes from India and there is no other place to source the material. So at present Kashmir White is a very rare material.

Due to our bulk buying power and long term relationship with the Indian quarries. We were able to buy the last few blocks of Kashmir White just before the quarries were closed. At present we have about twenty five large premium grade slabs of Kashmir White left in our factory, but these are selling fast. Therefore if you have your heart set on Kashmir White granite worktops then contact us today and we can send you high definition images of the actual slabs your granite worktops will be manufactured from. Many companies recently have started selling alternatives to Kashmir White granite worktops such as River Valley White, Colonial White and Topaz White. But why settle for an alternative when you can buy the real thing from us. Once these last few slabs are gone, they are gone as these are probably the last few premium grade slabs of Kashmir White in the country.

In summary if you want Kashmir White granite worktops you need to move fast as once these slabs are gone. It may be many years before the Kashmir White quarries are re-opened and normal supply resumed as currently no solution to this issue has been reached.

Kashmir White Granite Worktops


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