Improve Your Kitchen Design With Quartz Worktops

No kitchen design is complete without a workable cabinet layout and a complementary worktop to go along with it. Now, granite and quartz worktops are one of the most widely used worktop materials throughout the United Kingdom. They are liked for not only their elegant and royal looks but also the durability they provide. Here are some of the options in quartz worktops available at Marble4life:


1.Starlight- These beautiful slabs are available in black, white, beige, grey, red and brown colours. The stone is embedded with soft crystals giving it a star like appearance.


2.Absolute Blanc- A clear, white piece used mostly in professional kitchens for a contemporary yet simplistic look.


3.Titanium- A light grey coloured stone with white and black flecks.


4.Platinum- Dark grey slab with a beautiful pattern of white and black crystal flecks.


5.Mocha Brown- Brown stone with dark brown flecks for a classy finish.


6.Miami- It looks like the sandy beaches of the Miami coast with light yellowish stone.


7.Soft Cream- A softer version of the Miami stone with lighter shade.


8.Crema- A beautiful cream coloured stone with golden veins.


9.Carrara- An off white stone with a grey tint and grey veins.


10.Ice White- A white stone with tiny black flecks.


11.Carnia Grey- A grey coloured stone with miniscule black spots.


12.Slate Grey-A darker slate grey colour version of Carnia grey.


13.Soft Truffle- A red-brown coloured stone with black tiny specks embedded.


14.Mushroom- A rose brown coloured stone with soft flecks
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Improve Your Kitchen Design With Quartz Worktops


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