How to Avoid Selecting Bad Granite?

Granite is not the same. You are lucky if you have chosen good quality granite, but most people don’t know the serious consequences choosing poor quality granite could bring upon their kitchen surface. Think of your granite as a diamond. The price reflects the quality you’re getting and the pleasure you’ll get over the years.


For example, poor quality granite may be more heavily scarred or easily scratched. It can break during installation or with time. Cheaper granites cannot leverage you the absolute benefits. Granite slabs can contain multiple hairline cracks, and poor quality granite tends to contain more. The risk is particularly more with slabs cut with holes for sinks.


Low quality granite may not even have inconsistent thickness. The inconsistency needs to be bolstered during fitting causing your unnecessary time and stress. You cannot expect good polishing on the edge for cheaper granites. Most of the granite kitchen worktops are given shine using a wax spray. The coating wears off very quickly. A proper polished edge takes about an hour’s labour per foot length and lasts forever. Again, make sure that the colour is consistent throughout the slab from one end to the other. Otherwise, when you join two pieces they may not match.


Be choosy in selecting your granite supplier and installation team. Although companies claim that their fitters are employees, but they most often outsource the job to individual contractors. Find a specialist who measures, templates, fits and takes responsibility for the whole job. With a reputable granite worktops suppliers you can choose your own granite slab.

How to Avoid Selecting Bad Granite?


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