How Are Quartz Worktops Prepared?

Quartz kitchen worktops due to their attractive designs and durable nature find extensive preference in both country and contemporary style households. Let us take a quick look at what goes into the preparation of a finished quartz worktop.


Just like granite, quartz is also a natural stone found in earth’s crust and extracted from large ores. The finished product that reaches your home has almost 90-95% quartz crystals. Large chunks of quartz crystals are first grinded into a fine powder and then mixed with small quantities of glass (for colour and sparkling effect), some antibacterial agents and acrylic resins that work as binding agents.


Then the resultant slabs are exposed to pressures up to 100 tons and subjected to a curing process in a specially designed kiln and later allowed to cool and set. These slabs are then polished to give them a glossy sheen at the surface. These prepared slabs are usually huge and had to be cut according to the individual measurements of the kitchen worktop. This is where you call the professionals for templating purposes.


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How Are Quartz Worktops Prepared?


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