Sapphire Brown Granite Slab

Sapphire Brown Granite Worktops

Our Price: £297.60 per sq/m

Sapphire Brown granite is a coarse-grained, naturally occurring granite mined in the Warangal district of India. Its blue backdrop works well in both light and dark kitchens, and the black and brown mottled appearance enhances natural wood cabinet and door finishes. Granite is a long-lasting material that comes in a variety of colours, including Sapphire Brown, which is a budget-friendly option.

Sapphire Brown is a leucocratic granite, which means it is mostly made up of light-coloured minerals, with a light or dark overall impression depending on the environment. Quartz and feldspar are the most common minerals found in Sapphire Brown. The grains are uniform in size, resulting in constant mottling, and the pattern is busy enough to hide dust and grime.

Please note product images and videos are intended to be indicative only as materials are subject to colour and pattern variations.

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