Granite Worktops Myths

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about granite worktops out there. In this article I am going to try to clear them. I am often asked the following questions by clients regarding granite worktops will they scratch, will they stain, can I put a hot pan on them and do they contain high levels of radon radiation?


Granite worktops under normal use will not scratch as they are scratch resistant. However I would not recommend cutting directly on your granite worktops. As this will dull your knifes and may tarnished the polished surface of your granite worktops. Due to the fact like most products if you go at it with a carving knife you will no doubt scratch the surface. Therefore it is always advisable to use a chopping board, which for aesthetics can be made out of the same granite as your worktops.


With regards to staining granite worktops are probably the most durable and difficult to stain worktops on the market. However lighter colour granite worktops are more liable to staining than darker colours. Therefore care should be taken with lighter granite worktops specially with red wine, acidic and alkaline liquids as they will stain your granite worktops if left on their for long periods of time. To combat this granite worktops are sealed to stop liquids from being absorbed into the surface and staining them, unfortunately this is not a cure so care should still be taken.


Hot pans can be placed on top of your granite worktops, however if the pan is extremely hot this can cause your granite worktops to suffer heat shock. Due to the fact that the surface of your granite worktops are generally cool so a rapid temperature rise can cause it to crack. Therefore it is always good practice to use a trivet or tripod when placing scotching hot pans on your granite worktops.


Finally recently many clients have been concerned about radon radiation of granite worktops. However a study of granite done in November 2008 by the National Health and Engineering Inc of USA revealed some interesting findings. The study confirmed that the granite measured during the study showed radon levels well below the European Union safety standards and radon emissions levels where well below the average outdoor radon concentrations in the UK.


In summary granite worktops are the most durable and hardwearing worktops that money can buy. They do not just look beautiful, but will last a lifetime in your kitchen.

Granite Worktops Myths


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