Granite Worktops Locally

Many of our potential clients often compare us to local granite companies, as they naively believe that because a company is more local to them they will offer them a better service or product. But this is often not the case as many local granite worktop suppliers do not have the machinery or in house expertise to offer the same level of service and product that a leading manufacture like us can offer.  Over the last few years many clients have come to realise this and we have replaced many bad jobs installed by local granite worktops suppliers.


Most local granite companies are small sized and do not have millions of pounds of CNC machinery or automatic laser SAW lines in order to produce granite worktops that are millimetre perfect. Therefore they resort to cutting and polishing your granite worktops by hand using angle grinders and hand held polishers, which will only result in a very poor quality granite worktop.


As local granite companies do not produce a high volume of worktops compared to a nationwide supplier like ourselves because their target demographic is less means that they do not have the bulk buying power of a nationwide company. Our buying power allows us to import our granite direct from the quarry and hand select the finest quality materials available, maintaining our exceptionally high standards whilst ensuring we keep our prices competitive. Also due to our large stock holding of over a thousand slabs allows us to offer a nationwide 7 day turnaround time. Where as many local granite companies hold very little stock and will buy the granite in just for your order, which will result in a longer lead time waiting for delivery of material. Also if any issue does arise and a piece needs replacing you will again have to wait for material and more than likely this material will be from a different batch, so will not match your other worktops.


Once your granite worktops have been manufactured they do not leave our factory until they have passed our stringent quality control.


Many small local companies employ sub contractors to template and install your granite worktops, due to the fact that they do not have the in house expertise.  All our granite worktops are templated and installed by our own high skilled employees. Also to ensure continuity of contact the same stonemason that templates your worktops will install them.


The fact that we produce over a hundred worktops a week and operate a nationwide service means that we have proudly installed a granite worktop in every UK postcode. Therefore we have already installed a granite worktop in your postcode area.


Finally every aspect of our operation has been designed with the aim of giving you the best granite worktop product and service available in the UK. This is why we offer a fully comprehensive 10 year guarantee with all our granite worktops.

Granite Worktops Locally


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