Granite Worktops Journey

In this article I will describe the journey of your granite worktops from the quarry to your kitchen. Granite is an igneous rock that was formed in the ground over a million years ago from molten magma, which rises through cracks and crevasses in the earth’s crust. As the molten magma rises it cools and solidifies to form granite. This granite is then quarried out of the ground by drilling holes and then feeding explosives into these holes, the explosion will detach the section. These blocks of granite are then transported to the production facility and then cut into 3 meter by 2 meter slabs using diamond bladed gangsaws. Once cut into slabs they are polished on a polishing line, which gives the slabs a flawless polish finish. These slabs are checked by quality control and then shipped in containers to granite companies in the UK.

Some sales orientated granite companies may offer a home visit where they come around and tie themselves to the radiator till you order. I would personally stay away from such companies as they can quite often employ high pressure sales tactics. We will first give you a no obligation quotation over the phone from your kitchen plan or dimensions. Once you are happy with the quotation we will then organise a stonemason to come and template for your granite worktops. The stonemason will produce physical plastic replicas of your granite worktops, which will give you an idea of joints and overhangs. The stonemason will also bring a full range of granite colours for you to view in your kitchen. He will then confirm your colour choice, edge profile and joints. These templates are then bought back to the factory and a technical drawing of your worktops is made.

Once you have given us the go ahead, we will then manufacture your granite worktops from large granite slabs in our bespoke manufacturing facility on over a million pounds of CNC (computer numerical controlled) machinery . To ensure continuity of contact the same stonemason that templates your worktops will come back to install them ensuring you are dealing with the same stonemason from start to finish. Our stonemason will only leave site once you have signed the job to confirm that you are happy with your new granite worktops. For added peace of mind we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our granite worktops, which I am sure will give you many years of use.


Granite Worktops Journey


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