Granite Worktops – Are they worth the cost?

Granite worktops are an ever-growing trend when it comes to revamping your kitchen – over recent years their popularity has risen tremendously, with them now being found in most homes you’ll enter! However, it also has it’s downfalls and isn’t the right fit for everyone – here we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of granite worktops, and whether they’re really worth the price you pay?

Pros of Granite Worktops

One of the biggest benefits of granite worktops is that it is known to last for decades after it has been installed and in some cases may have a longer life-span than the actual building it’s in. This means that when deciding on what worktop to choose for your new kitchen, you know that granite is a worthwhile investment, group that together with it’s appealing look and easily cleaned surface, you can’t go wrong!

Granite is also known for it’s hard-wearing quality and allows you to work on it without the need for a board – allowing you to roll pastry or knead dough, it can make your life in the kitchen that much easier. Along with granite being heat resistant and unique to each slab, it’s the perfect investment. Not forgetting the value it can add to your home!

Cons of Granite Worktops

While there are plenty of pros to choosing granite worktops, it can also have its downfalls. For those with large kitchens, granite worktops can quickly become expensive – if you have several areas where the granite needs cutting (for sinks, sockets, taps and profiles) it can boost up the price you will pay as the worktops are cut using an automatic CNC machine tool.

Also, granite worktops can require regular maintenance in order to preserve their non-porous nature (where liquids or any other substance can’t pass through the material, meaning less dirt and bacteria) – even though this may seem like an inconvenience, it is only required twice a year at most and isn’t an expensive maintenance cost.

So… Are they worth the cost?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing granite worktops or not, but in our opinion – they’re 100% worth it! Their modern look can provide your home with that revamp it may well need and their durable nature makes them all that more attractive. While granite can cost more than other materials and requires regular maintenance (like any part of your house) – this is a small price to pay for the decades worth of use you can get out it, all while it still looks brand new!

If you’re still undecided or just want to talk about your options more, you can get a free, no-obligation instant quote today using our website and a member of our expert team will get back to you.

Granite Worktops – Are they worth the cost?


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