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We have put together a short 5 step guide on what to look for when choosing a granite worktop’s supplier. As we understand it can be a daunting decision due to the fact it is a large purchase and there are many companies to choose from.


1) Large Premium Grade Slabs


Ensure your granite worktops are cut from large premium grade slabs this ensures colour matching, thickness and the same high quality granite through out your kitchen. Also this means that you are not restricted to certain lengths and widths. Many companies use pre-cut lengths or blanks which they advertise as ‘3 runs for a fixed price’. These are produced from small and rejected block in the quarry. They then mix and match these to suit your kitchen this results in colour, thickness and quality variations also joints in unwanted places.


2) Manufactured in a Factory


Beware of any company claiming they can cut your granite worktops onsite using mobile equipment. Using hand held cutters and polishers will only result in a very poor granite worktop. You want to use a company that produces your granite worktops in a dedicated and bespoke manufacturing facility using the latest Computer Numerical Controlled machinery (CNC). This ensures precise and accurate cutting of the granite for a perfect granite worktop installation.   They might have a fancy website, but do they have a production facility to produce the granite worktops, if so is this visible on their website. Please click the link below to see more of our production facility (


3) No Subcontractor


Templating, manufacturing and installation of your new granite worktops must be carried out by actual employees of the company. This ensures that you are dealing with only one company and you are not caught in the middle of subcontractors. Using subcontractor to template and fit your granite worktops will usually result in poor quality granite worktops.

All our worktops are templates, manufactured and fitted by our own fully trained stone masons. Therefore we have complete control of your job from start to finish.


4) Reviews


Whenever purchasing a product or service from a company it is always a good idea to try and read reviews about them. This is especially important when making a large purchase such as a granite worktop. Do not just read reviews or testimonials on their website, but look on third party review websites and forums to read the experience of others with that company.


5) Guarantees


When purchasing a granite worktop it is always a good idea to ask about the guarantee that is offered. You want to be using a company that offers a 10 year guarantee, so you have long term peace of mind.

Granite Worktops Advice


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