Granite Worktops Prices in 2020?

Granite worktop prices can vary between £40 and £180 per square foot in the UK. Cheaper granite worktops can cost around £170 for 1250mm thickness. However, for high-end granite worktop prices, you are looking at somewhere around £450 per square metre.

Granite worktop prices are also dependent on the length of the slab and its colour. This is applicable for the commonly available colour variant. More premium colours can cost up to £285 for a similar sized slab. Prices are usually proportional to these two factors (colour and length). The prices listed generally include installation charges, depending on the thickness of the slab.

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How much do granite worktops cost?

Granite worktops costs often vary, depending on the colour, thickness, length and quality. Regular granite worktops average at around £270 per square metre. Some high-end granite worktops can cost around £450 for every square metre.

Templating and installation fees could also influence the cost of your granite worktops. Due to granite being a delicate material, it must be handled with care. To ensure that this happens, hiring an experienced, professional is definitely worth it. Whilst installation fees could cost around £300, which obviously adds to the price of your granite worktops, some companies will offer a discount if you choose them.

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Granite Worktop Price Calculator

For the cost calculation, you can use a granite worktop price calculator. This is a great way to estimate the cost of a new kitchen. If you need a more detailed, quicker quotation, select a granite worktop product and choose the instant quote option. We use an offline price calculator to provide you with the most accurate cost as we can.

Granite Installation Cost

Granite installation cost is most likely included within the cost of your granite worktops if you choose the same supplier to install your worktops. For templating services and installation, you could pay anywhere around £300. It is important to choose the correct supplier and installer for your worktops. Usually, when the same team handles both the installation and finishing of granite, you end up with the highest quality of finish.

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Granite Worktops Prices in 2020?


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