Granite vs. Hardwood worktops

Choosing the worktop material forms the most critical aspects of kitchen refurbishing plans. Not only does it reflects your individualistic taste but also defines the ease of access and working in the cookhouse. Let us take a look at some of the most widely used worktop materials- Hardwood and Granite kitchen worktops.




Hardwood worktops have been around since a long time. Suited for most of the kitchen layouts, hardwood worktops need to be properly sealed on regular intervals during the initial installation period to maintain its water resistant properties. Giving off more of a retro look to the kitchen one needs to be cautious of spilling or placing hot pots directly on the hardboard countertop to avoid ugly stains and burnt marks.




The most popular choice among the masses, this timeless kitchen fixture not only imparts a highly glossed luxurious finish to its surroundings but also is extremely convenient to work with because of its low maintenance upkeep.  Scratch and stain resistant, granite worktops can also be successfully installed around the sink and next to an oven. With high durability and classic polished finish, granite kitchen worktops are sure to provide you ample value for your investments.


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Granite vs. Hardwood worktops


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