Difference between marble and granite

Now some people still do confuse marble for granite. This post is aimed to bust this popular and common myth among people that marble and granite refer to the same class of stone.


Let us take a quick look at their basic features:


Granite as many of you might know is an igneous rock that is made from the cooled down molten lava rocks under the earth’s surface. The main composites of granite are quartz crystals and alkali feldspar along with slight traces of rare materials in different proportions that make each slab of stone unique.


Marble on the other hand is a metamorphic rock made from carbonate rocks at high temperatures beneath the earth’s surface. Its basic mineral composition includes calcite, clay, iron oxides, micas, graphite, quartz and pyrite. Instead of being of almost same density as granite, they are not that durable.


Now considering their role as worktops; granite kitchen worktops come in a wide variety of shades and patterns with a promise that each slab is unique and distinct. Marble offers lighter shades in comparison to granite and the choice among good quality marble slabs is limited.

Marble is also known to etch after a certain period of regular use even with proper aftercare and upkeep. On the contrary, granite counters can be made almost scratch resistant by suppliers before installation so as to maintain its glossy shine in the long run.


Since the cost of product and installation is almost same for both the products, it would be wise to go with granite worktops in UK since they seem to offer better returns for the same investments.

Difference between marble and granite


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