Commonly Used Colourful Granites

If you’re planning to install granite worktops in your home, then you must remember that you will have plenty of colour choices to choose from. The naturally occurring colour and pattern makes granite the most sought after stone for kitchens, restaurants and bars. Now, let’s have a look at the most commonly used colourful granites.


White Granite


Very popular in modern decor, white granite stones give any surface a refined and polished look while remaining flexible. There are a variety of shades for white granite, which primarily depends on the country of origin. For example, white granites with white and gray flecks are quarried in China. Other fashionable trends include white granites with an ivory hue.


Black Granite


Black granites feature more than a hundred choices for your inspiration. Popular black granite colours include Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Cambrian Black, India Black, Impala Black and Titanium. Darker granites are less stain absorbent and easier to maintain. They fit equally well in both traditional and modern kitchens.


Gold Granite


It is the best-selling colour of granites in the world. Attractive, warm, traditional and stylish. It combines well with almost any decor or environment. Countertops of gold or copper granites create a sense of luxury and richness in your home.


Blue Granite


Designers today, lean towards a more fashionable selection. Blue granites are prized mainly for the beauty in their patterns. The patterns fall into two categories – patterned and homogenous. Patterned types have a base colour different from blue and non-bluish colour forming swirls in the stone. The unstable minerals form a uniform pattern or structure in the homogenous granite rock.


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Commonly Used Colourful Granites


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