Choosing The Right Worktop Colour For Your Kitchen

One is sure to come across a large selection of choices when looking for granite worktop colours and designs while refurbishing their kitchen.  A lot many people feel confused when they look at the huge plethora of options for granite and quartz hues and textures available in the markets today.


If you have already set your heart on any particular shade like a classic piece of black granite worktop, you can start your kitchen renovation keeping it as the reference point. If not, a more practical approach would be to select the wall and cabinet designs first before finalising the worktop colour.


Since granite kitchen worktops come a little on the expensive side, it would not be fair if you had to spend some more of your hard earned money on repainting your walls and cabinets suitably. Take professional advice if need arises.


However, if you are working alone, there are some points you should take account of:


  • As opposed to the general perception, light coloured stones actually HIDE the food crumbs and dust marks which are highlighted on the dark countertops.
  • There is no relation between the colour and the porosity of granite (Yes, black granite is not harder than the white granite).
  • Both options need resealing after a couple of years of installation.
  • While it would be nice to synchronise the shades and textures with the cabinet and backsplash designs, light coloured countertops blend well with almost all surroundings (light, medium and dark).

Still unable to decide? Consult our professional stonemasons for their expert advice on 01274377600 or reach out to us at to request a free sample of your desired stone along with an instant price quote!

Choosing The Right Worktop Colour For Your Kitchen


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