Can Granite Worktops Endure Hot Objects?

If you ask this question to any retailer of granite worktops in UK, you would probably get a straight and direct YES! However, the truth needs a little bit more explanation.

Granite surfaces as you might know are natural stones made from cooled down and compressed lava rocks which were deposited under the surface of the earth a long time ago. The melting point of granite is around 1215- 1260˚C which basically means that you placing a hot pan on the surface (every once in a while) would not in any way physically damage the granite countertop. However, if this practise continues. You can run the risk of chipping the granite or it might get discoloured and dull at the place you use frequently to place your hot pans.

Now you might have noticed that granite surfaces are rather cool to touch and when you place something very hot on it, it receives a temperature shock and that can cause your granite stone to crack. While this may not happen the first time, you can expect this with continuous neglect.

A precautionary step you can take is to install pan stands which are metal insertions fitted into the counter that rise a little above the surface. You can easily remove this metal surface for cleaning purposes.

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Can Granite Worktops Endure Hot Objects?


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