Black Granite Worktops

These are the most popular granite worktops with 80% of our clients choosing these. As they are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a plain black colour that will complement almost any type of kitchen. Black granite worktops offer a timeless classic look that will stand the test of time and will not look dated or out of fashion like other colours.


However you have to ensure that your black granite worktops are cut from large premium grade slabs, which are normally 3 meters by 2 meters. As with most granite types black granite comes in different grades and you need to ensure yours is premium.


Also there are different types of Black granite worktops such as Absolute Black, African Black, Zimbabwe Black and Spike Black. The best quality black granite worktops are Absolute Black from India as these are the darkest and densest black granites you will find. Many companies recently have started using African Back, Zimbabwe Black and Spike Black as they are a cheaper to buy. However these cheaper blacks are of inferior quality and are often greyer in colour compared to Indian Absolute Black.


Therefore I would always recommend getting a sample of your black granite worktops and if possible it is always a good idea to view the slabs your granite worktops are going to be cut from. To ensure they are cut from large premium granite slabs and ask your granite worktops supplier where your black granite is sourced from. We only buy our Absolute Black slabs direct from the quarry in India and hand select the finest quality black available. Also due to the fact we are one of the largest granite worktops suppliers in the country means our large buying power allows us to demand the highest quality at the best price.

Black Granite Worktops


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