3 Ways to Clean Kitchen Granite Countertops

Granite is an attractive looking natural stone which makes ideal countertops for kitchen. Maintaining kitchen granite worktops can be hefty task unless done properly. So, what are the best ways of cleaning granite


  • Make sure that your granite countertop is sealed. If not, reseal the stone without delay. Also, wipe spills as soon as you notice them. Any spills or crumbs on your countertop may result in stains if your granite worktop is weakly sealed.


  • No harsh chemicals or special granite cleaners are required to get those countertops shiny and steak-free. Use warm water, a mile or gentle dish soap and a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.


  • For daily sanitising, hot water and dish soap solution should be adequate. However, if you’re looking for a stronger disinfectant, use an isopropyl alcohol and water solution. Spray onto the granite and leave the solution to rest for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with water.


These steps are enough to enjoy nice, shiny and clean granite worktops. You can find many granite cleaners in the market but you really do not need to buy them if you don’t want to. Cleaning with warm, soapy water is enough to get a thoroughly clean surface. However, use a microfiber cloth to dry and buff your worktop to avoid streaking. Disinfect periodically to restore shine.


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3 Ways to Clean Kitchen Granite Countertops


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