3 Step Granite Worktop Processing

What do you think goes into granite worktop processing? How the huge granite rocks transform into beautiful slabs that you install as counters in your kitchen? Well, here we have described the complete process into three simple steps for you to understand:


Step 1- Templating
Before the granite can be cut and polished into its final shape, your kitchen or bathroom must be accurately measured so as to get the correct fit. A sloping counter or one that has slanting edge would not look that good, now would it? Professional masons from Marble4life come at your house to make correct measurements either manually or though digital machines according to the size and layout of your kitchen.


Step 2- Fabrication
Now the granite or quartz worktop of your choice is cut from the large slabs based on the measurements collected during templating. Sink holes, drainers etc are crafted in the stone according to the customer specifications. The edges are filed with the help of high-tech machineries and the stone is given the requested finish.


Step 3- Installation
Finished granite or quartz kitchen worktops are then sent off to the customer’s address along with a trained team of stonemasons for the final installation of the worktop into place.

Marble4life has more than 30 years of experience in trading granite worktops in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. You can easily request for a free no-obligation price quotation along with samples of your chosen stone at 01274 377 600. For any other queries, send an email to info@marble4life.co.uk.

3 Step Granite Worktop Processing


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