Why Granite In Kitchen Is The Best Choice?

Granite as we have already discussed in our previous posts is the topmost preferred worktop material in the United Kingdom for kitchens and as counters in bathrooms. Focusing on its immense use as kitchen countertops, here we have compiled a list of three of its features that make it a favourite among users:


1.One of the most common features of every kitchen is the use of hot objects. Granite is perfect in this regard as it has high heat resistance that makes it tolerant of high temperatures (up to 900°F) without cracking or chipping on surface.

2.It also has high stain resistance powers which make it easy to clean and maintain on a day to day basis as spills and blotches are pretty common in kitchens. One does not have to worry about the surface discolouring with every spill on the counter. However, highly acidic or basic materials like wine, coffee etc should be wiped off as soon as possible.


3.A simple wiping off with a daily surface cleaner or some dish soap and water is all you need to keep your counter squeaky clean and shinning like new. This would drastically reduce your regular cleanup time in the kitchen.


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Why Granite In Kitchen Is The Best Choice?


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