Why Each Granite Slab Is Different?

As you might have observed and seen, granite worktops are the most popular kitchen worktop material used all over the world; there might be one installed in your kitchen too! They look luxurious, royal and highly sophisticated. Apart from this, if you look close enough you would realise that no 2 slabs of granite are exactly same even if they are cut out from the same rock. Why does that happen?


Well, the reason behind its unique texture and design stems from its very nature. Granite, as you know are natural stones originating from igneous rocks or molten lava that has been compressed by the natural forces of the Earth. Now there are two main factors that determine the texture pattern and colours of the granite. These are:


1.Distance from the surface of the Earth- The distance of the granite stone deposit from the surface of the earth decides the rate at which the molten lava cools down and forms granite. Generally, deeper reserves take longer to cool and thus form larger crystals giving them a lighter shade; while deposits at close proximity to the surface cool faster and are a little dark in appearance.


2.Mineral composition- Apart from quartz and feldspar, other distinct materials like black mica and biotite give various granite slabs their unique textures and hues. Some stone slabs also contain rare metal deposits which give them distinct vein patterns.


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Why Each Granite Slab Is Different?


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