What NOT To Do With Your Granite Worktops!

Up till now you would have gone through a lot of cleaning and maintenance tutorials to know what you SHOULD do with your black granite worktops (or any other colour counter you may have at your place). What we are going to tell you through this blog are the various things you should NOT do while working in your kitchen on your swanky stone worktop. Read along:


1. DON’T let the stains settle over the counter for a long time. Although granite is very much stain resistant and even if you have sealed it properly, you should definitely not let any spills (especially acidic) stay on the counter for long since the stone would invariably absorb the matter and it can cause discolouration.


2. DON’T use your granite OR quartz kitchen worktops as chopping boards. Sure, they won’t get scratched, but you would end up with more blunt knife blades than you would probably prefer in your kitchen.


3. DON’T buy that harsh chemical cleaner in the convenient store that promises to clean your worktop and bring back its lost shine. Believe us, nothing that covers the extreme corners of a litmus paper would prove good in this regard. Simply use a neutral dish soap and warm water to get rid of the common marks.


4. DON’T put heavy appliance over the counter or stand on them. This would put pressures on the joints and ultimately weaken them if practised regularly.

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What NOT To Do With Your Granite Worktops!


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