Various Design Features For Granite Worktops

Granite worktops need not be the simple countertop surfaces for bathroom and kitchen slabs most of the people think they are only used for. Apart from the regular simpleton designs, they can be used in a multitude of ways to make their surroundings more aesthetically appealing.

Some of the unique ways in which they can be used in kitchens are:
Upstands and Splashbacks- Stone slabs installed on the walls and behind gas stoves to prevent splashes are called upstands and splashbacks respectively. They are generally installed up to 100 mm height. Usually people choose upstands and splashbacks of the same colour and design as of their worktops. However, slight colour variations may help to highlight the worktops or cabinet patterns of the kitchen.

Cut-Outs- Granite kitchen worktops are usually cut-out to adjust and include sinks (under mounted or over mounted), taps, hobs, and electric sockets around the counter. Stone edges should be smoothed and polished around the recesses.

Drainer Grooves- A special draining groove around the sink is integrated in the slab design to contain the water splashes and spills in the sink area. Also a drainer groove set (of usually 5 lines 1-3 mm deep) are installed on the countertop for easy flow of fluids.

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Various Design Features For Granite Worktops


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