Tips on Choosing a Quartz or Granite Worktop Colour

A worktop is the focal point of your kitchen, so it is very important that you choose the right colour. As a quartz or granite worktop is a lifetime investment and you will be living with your choice for a long time. Quartz and granite worktops are virtually indestructible and perfect choice for keen cooks as the cool surface is perfect for making pastry or dough.  The type of colour choice really depends on your kitchen type and colour.

Contemporary quartz worktops are perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Many clients who have chosen a gloss white handless kitchen often choose a starlight quartz worktop. Quartz worktops are the strongest and most durable worktops money can buy and are engineered to be scratch resistant, heat proof, stain resistant and have antibacterial properties.

Traditional granite worktop colours

Traditional granite worktop colours are lighter gold and white colours such as Giallo Venezia, Giallo Imperial, Kashmir White and Kashmir Gold. Many of our customers who have chosen a traditional in-framed kitchen often choose a traditional granite worktop colour.  Lighter granite colours offer more random veining and uneven colour patterns. Therefore it is always advisable to view an image of the actual slab your worktops are going to be manufactured from. As a sample of a lighter colour will never give you a true reflection of the  actual colour. Also lighter granite worktops are more liable to staining than darker colours as they are more porous. In order to combat this quartz manufacturers such as compac have manufactured quartz such as Botticino and Carrara, which resemble light colours without the drawbacks.

Dark granite worktop colours

Dark granite worktops such as Absolute Black, Emerald Black and Angola Black are neutral colours, which will complement almost any type of kitchen. Dark granite worktops tend to be very consistent in colour therefore a sample will often be sufficient enough to give you an indication of colour. Dark granite worktops have very close knit grains, which makes them very strong and durable. A rule of thumb is the darker the granite worktop the more hardwearing it is.

Tips on Choosing a Quartz or Granite Worktop Colour


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