Platinum Quartz Slab

Platinum Quartz Worktops

Our Platinum quartz kitchen worktops are sourced directly from our European suppliers. The dark grey that is often associated with the colour platinum is contrasted by a mirrored and chrome sparkling appearance that is quite lovely and adds a sense of elegance without being overpowering. The Platinum quartz is pleasing to the eye and appears more enticing when lit. Quartz kitchen worktops are great because they are heat resistant, durable, and simple to maintain. They’re simple to wash off and clean, which is crucial in a kitchen or dining area.

Platinum quartz worktops give the kitchen a look of distinction, whether it is contemporary or an older style. They are an excellent choice when ordering from our wide range here at Marble4Life.

Please note product images and videos are intended to be indicative only as materials are subject to colour and pattern variations.

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