Quartz Worktops vs Granite Worktops

Choosing the perfect material for your worktops can be an incredibly daunting, time consuming task but, it is a vital process when you are wanting to create a brand new look for your kitchen.

Grey Quartz Worktops

Which Material Should You Choose For Your Worktops And Why?

With the huge selections of worktop materials available online, picking the right one for your lifestyle and setting can be quite hard. Ideally your kitchen worktops should have a unique style, durability and require low maintenance. With these key features in mind, lets take a look at the two main worktop materials. Both quartz worktops and granite worktops provide great solutions that offer all of the key elements listed above.

If you are not familiar with any materials used for kitchen worktops, you cannot go wrong by opting for quartz or granite. Both of these materials are perfect for bringing liveliness and style into your home. Each material has its own pros and cons but, neither material will disappoint in terms of overall look and style and are impressive, high quality solutions.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are created using natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals that can be found in the Earth. Small amounts of glass and metallic flecks can be added to create a unique looking, beautiful kitchen worktop. As well as being very durable, quartz is also a non-porous material and can therefore resist stains and stop bacteria from growing. This makes keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic very easy.

In addition to this durability, quartz worktops are beautiful and the huge range of colours available will catch your eye. From natural colours like whites, blacks, browns all the way to other colours like blue or gold, your colour options are almost endless.

Granite Worktops

Another commonly used material for kitchen worktops and a great alternative to quartz, is granite. Similar to quartz, granite is also very resilient. Granite is a natural rock that is cut in its natural state and then polished for use in homes. We recommend cleaning your granite worktops with warm water and soap after each use to prevent staining and make sure that they keep their shine.

With granite being an incredibly strong material, it is able to resist dramatic temperature changes and is difficult to scratch. However, unlike quartz, because granite is a natural stone, there are not as many colour options available and each piece of granite is different so, you should plan your kitchen around the slab of granite that you are looking at using.

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If you are planning your new quartz or granite kitchen worktops, get an instant quotation from our website or, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have. If you want to know more information about granite worktops, read our complete granite worktop guide.

Grey Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktops vs Granite Worktops


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