Money Saving Kitchen Remodelling Tips

Everybody knows that kitchen renovations come with an expensive budget; but it need not exactly be a huge amount. If you are running low on your budget, consider upgrading your kitchen instead of remodelling it completely. This means that you would keep the major appliances and basic layout of the kitchen intact. What you can do is change the countertop, install or change backsplashes and upstands, and repaint and/or change the cabinet doors.

Here, read these moneywise tips:

1.Think Classic- When buying options for worktops and cabinet doors don’t get distracted with the trendy designs and models; these things go ‘out of trend’ pretty quickly. Look for simple, classic materials like granite worktops, hardwood cabinet doors and simple sink and faucet designs.

2.Go professional- Instead of calling amateur workers from your neighbourhood, hire professionals to do your templating and fitting for granite kitchen worktops, upstands and cabinets. Experts deliver high quality service and you also get the assurance of authenticity and good quality for the materials purchased from them.

3.Reuse- If your cabinets or upstands are still strong, it would be a waste to chuck them out and spend money on their replacements. You can repaint and/or re-polish the cabinet doors and upstands respectively instead of buying new ones.

4.Appliance selection- Replace your appliance only if they have reached their end-of-life period. Don’t spend extra based on special finishes, these can be easily masked with covers that match your general colour scheme.

If you follow these tips you can easily save up some amount in your kitchen renovations. You can also conveniently get a free price quotation and samples of granite worktops from Marble4life by calling 01274 377600.

Money Saving Kitchen Remodelling Tips


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