Manufacture of Your Granite Worktops

Once your granite worktops have been templated by our stonemason, they will be manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facility. All your granite worktops will be cut from large granite slabs on our automatic laser saws. Every granite slab is inspected by our stringent quality control before the manufacturing process is started to ensure your worktops are only manufactured from premium quality slabs. Any flawed material is identified and rejected. All material is then sealed before manufacture and then again before it leaves our factory.

These automatic saws are the most advance on the market and will cut your worktops to a tenth of a millimetre of the templates ensuring millimetre perfection. Once cut to size your granite worktops are polished on our edge polisher, which has six edge polishing positions. This means consistent flawless results even on the most intricate edge. All our machines have been specified with the quality of your granite worktops in mind, the CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines are no exception.

Your sink cut out, drainer grooves and curved shapes are produced on our CNC machines. These machines cost around a quarter of a million pounds each and will cut your sink cut out to the sink manufacturers specifications. A DXF file of your sink is downloaded from the manufacturer’s website to ensure your sink is cut out perfectly. The CNC machines will then also polish the sink cut out. The drainer grooves are also cut and polished on the CNC machines, which will cut and polish your grooves on a gradient. Therefore your drainer grooves are inclined, so they do not just look good but serve a purpose of draining the water into the sink. Any special curved or shaped cuts are also manufactured on the CNC machines.

Finally your granite worktops do not leave our factory until they have passed the uncompromising eye of our quality control to ensure a perfect granite worktop. Once manufactured your worktops are then ready to be installed. All our installers and templaters are employed directly by Marble 4 Life Ltd, so you are only dealing with one company from start to finish. Every aspect of our operation has been designed to ensure you are given the best quality granite worktops available in the UK, which are backed by a fully comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

Manufacture of Your Granite Worktops


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