Levels in Granite Worktops

Hundreds of options in granite stone make it difficult to choose the best. Again, no two granite stones are alike. This makes decision more challenging. Granite manufacturers classify granite into three levels – level 1, level 2 and level 3. The price of granite worktops increases as you move from the lower to the higher level.


Granite worktops have gained popularity because they are eye catchy and durable. Each of the granite level have unique colour, shade and depth visible only when light reflects from its surface. There are over hundreds of colours not possible in any other stone making each piece unique.


Some of the popular colours are Brazil black, tropical green, beige, mahogany, orange, etc.  Granites naturally occur in a variety of colours and patterns determined by the mixture of quartz, mica and feldspar. Factors like finishing, thickness, MOH (Measurement of Heaviness), edge, etc determines granite’s price.


Most of the interior decorators suggest granite worktops for new kitchens. Because kitchen is one of the key functional areas of a house and people, spend several hours working in the kitchen. Moreover, granite worktops look exceptionally great and are a great value addition to new homes.

Levels in Granite Worktops


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