Installing Granite Worktops

Your granite worktops must always be installed by a qualified stonemason that has experience in installing granite worktops. We are often asked by clients that can our kitchen fitter or builder install the worktops. I always advise against this as your kitchen fitter may be a joiner, but is unlikely to be a qualified stonemason. Installing a granite worktop is a specialist job that requires a certain skill set.

Nationwide template and fitting service

All our templaters and fitters are qualified stonemasons that have many years of experience in installing granite worktops. To ensure continuity of contact the same stone mason that templates your worktops will install them. Also all our installers are employed directly by Marble 4 Life to ensure we have complete control of your job from start to finish.

Before installation of your granite worktops you need to ensure that your kitchen base unit are fix, secure and level. Because unlike wooden worktops, granite worktops cannot be screwed down onto your kitchens units. So if the kitchen is not level there will be a gap between your granite worktops and the base units. These gaps will then need to be filled using packers. Therefore it is always advisable to use a long spirit level to check your base units are levels.

Once your granite worktops have been templated we will be back within 5 days to install your new worktops. Installation of the worktops involves placing the granite on top of your base units. Any joints will be sealed using special silicone, which allows for flexibility if there is any movement in your units due to the fact wood has to settle. Some companies use resin that sets solid to seal the joints, which I would advise against because this will crack if there is any movement in your kitchen. Also if you ever have to remove the granite worktop for any reason the hard resin will have to be broken, which will crack your granite worktop so you will not be able to reuse it.

If you have ordered upstands with your granite worktops, these will then be installed again using the same special silicone to join them to your worktops. Your undermount sink will be bonded to the underside of your granite worktops using a special formula of granite blocks and resin glue.

Finally your new granite worktops will be cleaned and sealed ready for inspection by you the customer. Our installers will not leave site until you are completely happy with your worktops and have signed the job off. For added peace of mind your granite worktops are covered by a fully comprehensive 10 year guarantee, which covers the material, manufacturing and installation of your new granite worktops.

Installing Granite Worktops


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