How countertop sealers work?

You might have heard of granite and quartz surface sealers available in the markets.


Now you might wonder why these sealants are required if granite worktops are supposed to be stain proof or what exactly do these sealers do and what are they composed of?


Read on to get answers for these and other such questions related to worktop sealants.


Worktops sealers are basically composed of some resin component dissolved either in water or selected petroleum based solvents. These when applied on the surface are absorbed into the countertop and seal or clog the open pores of the stone; thus giving them the name of ‘impregnators’.


Granite and quartz being natural stones are porous in nature; although the rate of absorption of most of the materials is so low in granite that it is sometimes referred to as ‘stain-proof’. Companies that provide and install granite worktops in Yorkshire also offer efficient sealing services depending on the type and class of the stone used.


It is important to remember that no sealer; it doesn’t matter if it claims to be of the highest quality, can provide a 100% guarantee for stain resistance. A sealant merely acts as a barrier between the spill and the countertop so that you would get sufficient time to wipe off the slop before it gets absorbed into the stone.


Both granite and quartz kitchen worktops are almost same when it comes to material porosity, still it is advised to ask your countertop supplier for suitable sealant materials as there are differences even among the same commercial family of stone depending on their grade or quality.


How countertop sealers work?


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